Yep I am a sucker for any photography book about birds. But in this case, I have a right to be. Alan Murphy is one of the premiere avian photographers in America. He’s published a book on CD Called “Guide to Songbird Setup Photography,” and it’s a good one.

It’s a step-by-step guide on how to attract and photograph songbirds – yeah songbirds. If you have ever tried to even find and get a good look at songbirds you know how hard it can be. Alan shows you not only how to find them, but how to get them on a good perch, in good light and close enough to photograph.

The book is worth the money just for the images. If you want to know what publishable bird photos should look like, this is your guide.

It’s not cheap, but it’s more than a book. It’s really a workshop on CD for those who are serious about songbird photography.

Alan is the real deal and so is this book. It’s available on CD from BIRDS AS ART.  It sells for $50 plus $3 shipping and handling to US addresses.  Shipping to Canada is $6.00. It is $8.00 for all foreign orders.
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