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I spoke at WPPI about using Twitter for business. For those who could (and could not) attend the class, here is a PDF version of my slide presentation. (

Contrary to what you hear from some of the “experts” Twitter can be used to generate business for photographers. In my presentation I made the case for that and gave some tips on how to make it work. See the PDF for more information.

I’d also like to offer a list of resources that photographers might use to enhance the value of twitter.

Twitter-related Tools to Improve the Power of Twitter


One of the big selling points of Twitter is the brevity of each tweet which is limited to 140 characters. Since traditional URLs take up lots of space, this tool enables you to use an abbreviated URL. It also keeps track off how many clicks are generated on this abbreviated URL thus providing useful feedback on what is working.


Twellow serves as the yellow pages directory for Twitter. It enables you to find people who live near you or share your interests. This means that you can conveniently follow them if you choose.

3. &

Create a personal brand. You need a Twitter background that suits the image that you want to project. Killertweets charges a price, but provides many striking backgrounds from which to choose. Twitbacks is free, but nowhere near as impressive.

4. Twi5

To check on spamming, Twitter has limits and you may only follow a total of 110% of the number of your followers. You need to quickly eliminate those who do not follow you back so that you can follow new prospects. This site allows you to “unfollow” the “unfollowers”.


This invaluable tool allows you to see all of the action in your account within one single application, enabling you to automate Twitter to run on autopilot.


Great service that helps you count followers over a period of time. Offers projections and all sorts of important data for those who are serious about Twitter.


A way to measure Twitter influence and informs you what sort of reach, demand, engagement, velocity and activity. You can use it to search for topics and find the influencers relative to that topic.


Grades your influence based on number of followers, power of those followers, updates, followers/following ratios. Also provides rankings.


This tool lets you use Twitter to post photos.


Measures audience engagement.
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