I am a photographer. I am NOT a filmmaker – but I am trying to acquire some of the same skills. I have really enjoyed learning more about shooting moving pictures. And the Canon 1D MK IV is very well situated to that task.

Last week I spent some time acquiring footage with the 1D MK IV, a Canon 400 F/5.6 “L” lens, a Canon 600 F/4 “IS” “L” lens and a Canon 800 F/5.6 “IS”” “L” lens.

I used a combination of Miller, Zacuto and Red Rock Micro camera supports. I kept it simple. I didn’t try to do any fancy camera moves. I shot footage of wild birds so there were some challenges. The birds don’t act on cue. You have to shoot a BUNCH of footage to get three usable minutes worth.

The above video is the result. It’s pretty much straight out of the camera. There is some music added and a few stills thrown in as well. This footage is part of a larger project I am working on. It’s primarily documentary style nature stuff.

I’ve spoken with professional filmmakers who use very big, expensive video cameras to make the same kind of film. They speak of hours of set up to get a few minutes of footage. Many say that they have to work with blinds since their gear is so large and not as mobile.

To a person, the pros told me they were impressed with the small size, light weight, and low price of the Canon 1D MK IV. They were particularly impressed with the raw footage. The low-light stuff is amazing. The ability to use very long lenses like the 800 F/5.6 intriguing and over all, it’s a great tool. The camera is not perfect. Like all CMOS sensor-based hybrid video cameras, this camera exhibits rolling shutter. But I’ve learned to minimize it and rolling shutter not withstanding, the Canons are capable of creating broadcast-quality footage in my opinion.

This video is merely intended to be an example of what’s possible. I hope you enjoy it.

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