February 2, 2010

Share The Love

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I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while yesterday. I contacted a photographer that I admire and told her I was proud of her. It was a small thing. A simple thing that took 60 seconds. But I think it was an important thing.

As a lifelong photographer, I’ve faced many challenges. Like some of the students I teach, I had parents who didn’t support the idea of me wanting to be a professional photographer. My “friends” all told me I should get a “real” job. Most people who knew me assumed it was a hobby or a “phase” I was going through.

More than 37 years later, I’m still stuck in that phase. And part of the reason is that just at the right time, here and there I received a tiny bit of encouragement from just the right person.

We live in a world that can get ugly very quickly. The Internet seems to make it easier than ever for people to hate. So I want to start a trend. Let’s love some folks up on the Internet. Take just one minute today to tell a photographer you know that you are proud of them. Let them know you appreciate their efforts, their dedication, their hours spent practicing, and their skill. Find someone with a camera in their hand and give them a word of encouragement. Blow someone away by simply “lovin’ em up.” (Thanks Grandma.)

YOU may be the one thing that keeps that photographer going. You may make a difference that will contribute to someone else’s story being told, important moment captured for posterity or memory protected. Amazing power lies in this simple act of appreciation.

I know some of you will think this is corny but try it. You’ll find it costs you absolutely nothing to be nice, but it’s an act that is priceless.

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