We can’t believe another year has come and nearly gone. Photofocus got it’s re-birth just a few months ago, in April when we ported all the content from the old TWIPPHOTO.COM site to this location, re-branded and began adding new posts here. But what is new is actually old. Many of you might not realize we’ve been publishing photo information at this URL since 1998. It’s been a long journey and lots has changed since then. But one thing has remained the same, it’s still all about photography.

So far, there are more than 1050 posts on the site. Our traffic has nearly tripled since April and we’ve consistently had posts (as in nearly weekly) in Word Press’ Top 100.

The Photofocus podcast has continued to mature and grow. Our audience has grown significantly since our launch, and grown 25% in the last two months with the addition of rotating guest hosts.

We’ve sponsored or been involved with contests giving away tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear. We’ve instituted our Emerging Photographer of the Year Program in an attempt to gain exposure for up and coming photographers.

It’s all hard work and we are proud and lucky to have the help of many tremendous guest contributors. We’re also fortunate to have great sponsors who help defray the massive hosting and bandwidth costs we encounter serving such a large audience.

We’re also thankful for support from our past sponsors, industry leaders, manufacturers and even some of our competitors. We all seem to have similar goals – i.e., to help you become better photographers.

And that brings us to you. Of course we couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without you. We appreciate all the questions, the positive feedback and the degree of engagement we have with our audience as a result of this site, the podcast, our Flickr group and our Twitter stream.

We hope you all enjoy the holiday season and we look forward to a prosperous 2010. We will continue to do everything in our power to keep Photofocus valuable, fresh, informative, educational and every once in a while, entertaining.