With the new year coming, it’s always fun to take a guess at some of the developing trends in the photography industry. Please note that I am NOT saying I HOPE these things happen. I merely think that they WILL happen. Here are my photo predictions for 2010.

1. Social media will play an ever-growing, and increasingly-important part in the photo business impacting all aspects and levels of the industry including news, product development and support, customer service, reviews, image sales, education and more.

2. At least one major camera company will go out of business in 2010.

3. The very large photo trade shows will see a drop in attendance with one or more large shows folding.

4. Boutique photo trade shows will increase in popularity. Smaller shows that cost both exhibitors and attendees less money will attract larger and more dedicated audiences.

5. Technology like HDR, tone mapping, extended depth of field, panoramic stitching, etc., will get further developed and more popular.

6. DSLRs that shoot video will continue to improve and more and more photographers will start shooting video on top of stills.

7. Both Nikon and Canon will introduce new full frame DSLR cameras in 2010.

8. Micro-stock will continue to disintermediate traditional stock houses.

9. One or more of the large national photo associations will fail or merge with a competitor to avoid failure.

10. New media will become the largest marketplace for photography, surpassing traditional print markets.

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