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Recently, the Pope held a meeting with hundreds of artists. Discussing beauty and art, the Pope said, “Beauty … can become a path toward the transcendent, toward the ultimate mystery, toward God,”

I don’t intend to discuss my religious  beliefs here, nor should anything in this post be construed as an endorsement of the Catholic or any other religion. But I do think this to be an interesting subject. I’ve always believed that the artistic expression available through photography reaches higher than most would immediately think.

The Pope went on to say, “In a world lacking in hope, with increasing signs of aggression and despair, there is an ever greater need for a return to spirituality in art.”

I think you can substitute any number of words for spirituality that mean something similar. The Pope believes that faith can nourish art. And perhaps it can. It can’t hurt.

But what else can nourish art? Are there photographers who become better at their job because of a spiritual center?

And what if you don’t believe in God? Does this somehow keep you from finding that something deeper?

I have no answers and simply wrote this post to start everyone thinking about the things that go beyond gear.

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