I have talked about Litepanels before. They make high-quality, battery-powered, portable LED lights that are perfect for compact cameras, camcorders and video cameras.

Now, Litepanels is selling the Lightpanels MicroPro. This is a larger version of their popular Litepanels Micro which may be valuable to DSLR/VSLR shooters who work reasonably close to their subjects.

The MicroPro offers a soft, broad, continuous light source that can be used in a variety of situations. The MicroPro runs off six batteries and in my tests, turning the LEDs off when not in use, I can go for a full day before replacing the batteries.

The light is 5600k, daylight balance but comes with a filter holder and some filters, including Daylight to Tungsten, 1/4 CTO Warm and White Diffusion.

The MicroPro has an effective range of about six to eight feet at 28fc/300 Lux. But when you use two or more Litepanels MicroPro units together, it works out just past 12 feet. (NOTE: Your mileage may vary. It depends on what you want from the light.)

A few of the things I really like about this unit.
1. It’s VERY portable and runs on standard AA batteries, sold almost everywhere in the world.
2. It’s easy to mount on anything from a camera to a light stand to a tripod.
3. It’s heat-free and flicker-free.
4. No cables!
5. Dimmer switch – you don’t have to operate at 100% power when you’re really close.

The MicroPro is a great little accessory. For those who are breaking into fusion video it’s a must-have tool. At $450 (retail) it’s not the cheapest light you can buy, but it may be the best.


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