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So it’s Saturday and you might be saying to yourself, what should I photograph. How about limiting yourself to just one topic? Shooting just one thing over and over forces you to develop your creative eye. It forces you to see old things as new.

You can pick any topic, but my suggestion is fruit. It’s abundant, affordable, colorful and offers a wide variety of approaches.

You might find fruit at the grocery store, in your fridge, or at the local farm or farmer’s market. You may shoot fruit juxtaposed with something that offers tension or harmony.

Maybe you just end up shooting fruity colors?

It’s up to you. It’s an exercise. There’s no prize. It’s intended to get you away from Saturday morning cartoons and outside with your camera.

If you do want to share your efforts with the rest of our audience, feel free to join our Flickr group and post your images there –

Remember, focus on one thing. To make the challenge even more rewarding, try using only one lens! Change your angle, your approach and your eye by trying different looks at the same thing.
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