November 7, 2009

Photo Learning Resources


I got an email last week from a listener to our podcast who wanted some additional photo learning resources. I’ve covered a few of these over the years but time to update.

This is NOT an exhaustive list, but includes some of my recent favorites.

This list really needs to start with Kelby Media. Anything Scott Kelby does is worth your consideration. If you want to learn Photoshop or Lightroom, join the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and/or Kelby Training. Also don’t forget Scott’s books. He’s got a special deal offering free shipping if you spend $50 right now at – use the code FREESHIPPING.

Another video training company is It’s very valuable at only $25 per month and covers some photo-related information.

Bogen Imaging has a group of free online resources – they’re very helpful and are available in several formats, even audio.

Lastolite has created a free site called the Lastolite School of Photography. Of course they are showing off their lighting accessories, but the information is good and will help newbies in particular who would like to see how light modifiers can help improve photographic situations.

Not to be outdone, Photoflex has the Photoflex Lighting School. It’s another free lighting resource.

If you want to learn Adobe products but can’t afford to join Kelby Training or, check out free stuff directly from Adobe.

Most of the professional photo associations like PPA, NAPP and ASMP have some form of online training, but most of it cost money.
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