October 31, 2009

Photo News Roundup


I rarely just run a bunch of photo news bits here at Photofocus but I thought I would today since there seems to be lots of stuff going on.

1. Canon 7D problem. Canon is investigating an issue with its recently released EOS 7D. In a service notice Canon says there is an occasional issue where traces of a preceding frame may be visible in images captured in continuous shooting mode. The company says it will release a firmware update to resolve the problem. In my tests, I am unable to duplicate the problem. I do think this is a good sign that Canon is telling US about the problem. That means they won’t pretend it doesn’t exist like they did when the 1D MK III had autofocus problems. To see if your 7D has the problem, shoot in continuous shooting mode and then pull the images into a photo editing program on your computer. Look at the sequences full frame and if you have the problem, you’ll see a small ghost of one image imprint on another, sort of like when a television has a screen burn.

2. In more Canon news – they announced that their profits are up even though sales are down. They made money on the currency exchange since the Yen is so strong.

3. Flickr has opened up a few new features, the most notable is PEOPLE IN PHOTOS. This essentially allows you to tag other Flickr members in photos and then those photos appear on their profile page.

4. Nikon has released a very cool new little iPhone App called Nikon Learn & Explore. It’s free from the iTunes store and contains lots of photo tips. It also contains an iPhone version of Nikon’s great quarterly print magazine Nikon World. Maybe Canon should take this hint and get something going like this for Canon shooters.

5. Red introduced more details about the Epic-X – a camera system they call a Digital Stills & Motion Camera. At $28,000, few in my audience will want to buy this – but it’s an exciting concept. The new camera can be controlled from an LCD screen and offers 1080p resolution at 1-60 FPS. It sports wide dynamic range and lots of new mind-bending features. There is no promised delivery date from Red for this unit.

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