I’m getting ready to do something I haven’t done in a decade – I’m getting ready to open a portrait studio. As details become available, I’ll post them here. In the mean time, I still go out to shoot the occasional assignment on location. When I do, I’ve got to figure out a convenient way to get my light stands and such to the location. Enter the Standbagger.

The Standbagger is a unique design that lays out flat and easily allows you to stuff its pockets with full size light stands, umbrellas, flags and more. Then you just roll it up, and carry it away.

While I have other light stand cases, they are generally heavy, big and bulky. The StandBagger is lightweight and doesn’t take up much room when not in use. Also, when I use a traditional case, the stands have a tendency to bang into each other, marking them up and even breaking them.

The StandBagger solves that problem by providing separate slide-in compartments. You can choose to put more than one stand or umbrella in each compartment if you like, but I like isolating them to protect them from damage.

The product is made with durable vinyl-backed polyester and lined with quilted nylon. This makes it easy to get stands in and out of the bag.

I tested the StandBagger Model 13 which is a five pocket roll-up nag that will hold 13′ stands. The price is $89.95 (+$8.95 shipping) and I think it’s well worth it. The design is great. The quality of the made in the USA bag is superb. And the functionality is exactly what you’d hope for.

Highly recommended.

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