If you’ve watched my online conversation carefully, you know I am a big fan of Think Tank Photo bags. They are designed by photographers for photographers. I’ve been using a Think Tank Airport Addicted as my main bag for years.

But for situations that don’t quite require such a big bag, there’s now an option. The Think Tank Airport Takeoff is a slightly smaller bag than the Airport Addicted.

Dimensions –

Internal Dimensions: 13″W x 18.4″H x 5.25-6.75″D (33 x 47 x 13 cm)
External Dimensions: 14″W x 21″h x 8″D (35.5 x 53 x 22 cm)
Weight: 8.6 – 10.3 (3.9 – 4.7 kg) depending on accessories used

At $299, it’s not inexpensive, but it’s a very well-made bag that hits a home run for those who need to bring less than their full kit on the next job. I decided to try it out on my trip to Photoshop World.

This bag has a couple of interesting features. It has straps in a hidden compartment that turn it into a backpack. I know this feature will be very important to some photographers. For me, if there’s a way to roll the bag – and in this case there is – I won’t ever put it on my aging back. So, while I am sure this would make some people ill – I simply cut those straps away to make myself another compartment on the back of the bag :)

Also – the Takeoff features a laptop compartment on the outside of the bag. Think Tank says it is designed to hold their own 15″ laptop sleeve. I was able to put my 17″ MacBookPro (inside an Enduro sleeve) in the compartment with no problem. This is great. Being able to securely transport my laptop PLUS enough gear to shoot multimedia is just what I’ve been looking for.

I have the usual opening praise for this bag. It’s very well designed and built. The zippers are top notch as are the materials. The bag is insanely configurable and for me, it’s the perfect choice when I need to bring my 17-inch MacBookPro along with some basic photo gear. In my case, I am able to take MORE Than basic gear. The photo above shows all the items that I fit into the bag for my trip TO Vegas.

In case you’re wondering – Bag Contents

* iPhone 3GS
* Alarm Clock
* Photoshop World Paperwork
* AC Power Strip
* Network Cord
* USB Hub
* Flashlight
* Two Microfibre Cloths
* USB Flash Drive
* Rain Cover
* 17″ MacBookPro w/sleeve
* MacBookPro Power Adapter
* USB Card Reader
* Four AA Batteries W/charger
* Business Cards
* Audio Technica Shotgun Mic W/cables, Shock Mount, Windscreen
* Sony Noise Canceling Digital Headphones W/Cables
* Gorilla Pod
* Panasonic GH1 W/14-140 Lens
* Panasonic GH1 Battery Charger
* iPhone Charger
* LensCoat Lenshood
* Altoids
* Singh Ray Varigrad ND FIlter
* Sony PCM-D1 Digital Stereo Field Recorder
* Lite Panels Mini
PLUS – Panasonic LX3 – Not Shown (I used it to take the picture)

Now the astonishing thing is – there was more room available. In fact, I am bringing a camera BACK with me that isn’t here yet and there’s room for that camera w/50mm lens. (More on the new camera later.)


I can highly recommend the Think Tank Airport Takeoff. Then again, I can highly recommend all the Think Tank products. I’ve never seen them make anything other than very, very high-quality bags. I know from experience that their products stand up to the toughest of travel conditions and their design always favors the photographer.