I’m a lucky guy and in some pretty good company.

A bunch of GREAT photographers – David Beckstead • Mike Colón • Jules Bianchi • Joe Buissink • Kurt Gerber • Sara France, oh and then they ran out of great photographers and added ME, have been asked to lead combination shooting workshops and photo walks in New Orleans on Thursday November 5 from 9-11 AM.

You need to be signed up for PartnerCon (here’s the schedule) if you want to come. Then it’s first come, first served. Each photo walk will be limited to a fixed number of participants. I’ll be joined by 25 photographers, and we’ll get the honor of shooting the French Quarter and Burbon Street. The conference runs November 3-5, 2009. I hope to see you there. (If you want to register for the PartnerCon conference – here’s the link.)

Bring on the Beignets baby!

P.S. I’ll also be leading a Tweetup at ParnerCon where we’ll be discussing how photographers can use Twitter to improve and grow their business, mingling and giving away prizes.