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Photographs © Rick Sammon

My buddy Scott Bourne gets a kick out of my posts that were inspired by his posts. Scott: here is another one.

The Road picture Scott critiqued was cool. The first thing I saw was the “S” curved of the road. The “S” curve has been used by photographers (and of course painters) to add interest to a photograph – be it a landscapes, seascape, wildlife, or fashion photograph.

So, I went through my files and found some of my images that feature the “S” curve.

Try seeking out or creating the “S” curve when you are photographing.

For more “S” curve images, do a google search. Among the photographs you’ll find are some captivating images by Ansel Adams.

For more on why we like images with “S” curves and contours, and why we like particular images in general, pick up a copy of my favorite book: Perception and Imaging
– Photography, A Way of Seeing by Richard D. Zakia.


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