“We’ll fix it in post!”


Now that we’re seeing hybrid still cameras/video cameras, the warnings that my friends in the video industry give about relying on post need to be re-stated.

One of the biggest mistakes made by all kinds of shooters, both video and still, is the false belief that they can fix mistakes in post.

On the video side – if you didn’t get the sound as you recorded the shot – if you’re hand-holding technique resulted in poor footage, etc., you will probably be sorry if you think you can fix it after you shoot it.

Even long-standing professionals know that it’s hard to sync dialog, or cut around bad footage. Amateurs have even less chance for success.

On either side – if you were out of focus – if you overexposed the highlights by five stops or you shot with the lens cap on – you won’t fix it in post.

It’s always best to get it right in the camera. Besides making it actually possible to get the result you want, getting it right in the camera is less time-consuming, less expensive and less stressful, than trying to fix it later.

Don’t be lazy. Stay on the shot until you get it right. You’ll be happier in the end. And you’ll actually have a realistic chance of getting the results you want. Hoping to fix it in post will most likely mean failure.