Copyright Scott Bourne 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Scott Bourne 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Have you ever heard the word “productize?” It means to make something into a product people want. In other words, to convert something such as an idea, a process, a prototype, or an area of expertise into a marketable and salable product.

One of the things that separates an amateur photographer from a professional photographer is the understanding of product.

To an amateur – a picture is just a picture. To a pro, a picture is a product. In fact, it’s many products. It’s part of an album, it’s a wall portrait, it’s a coffee mug, it’s a calendar, it’s a T-Shirt, etc.

Turning photographs into products is one key to success in professional photography.

When you think products, you have to think about end use. Is it possible that your picture would make a great T-Shirt? How about seeing your photo on a lunch box? While traditional prints, matted or framed, in a book, a calendar, a magazine, a newspaper, a slideshow or on canvas are all great products, there are licensing deals available that can put your photos into a number of situations that can earn you money.

When you look for ways to productize your photos, think about packaging, delivery, presentation and everything else that lends to the “experience” of buying, using and enjoying a product.

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