Thanks to everyone who participated in the Nikon/Scan Cafe contest. Literally tens of thousands of you participated. I wish I could give you all a camera, but that would be expensive :)

I do try to share my photographic tips and tricks and hopefully those who didn’t win the camera still felt like they benefitted from following me.

Since most of you won’t win, don’t worry. I am announcing an even BIGGER giveaway next week. So hang on, you’ll get another chance. As for the winner? Well our trusty random number generator spat out the name:

Congrats. You have your choice of a new (still in the box) Nikon D5000 w/kit lens or 5000 scans from ScanCafe.com. Just let me know via DM which you prefer and send me your full contact info.

Stay tuned next week for another big announcement. Happy shooting!