With the advent of hybrid video/still cameras, I’ll sneak in a few video tips here once in a while. (NOTE: Most of this applies to still shooters too.) Here’s a set on video space…

1. We live in a 3D world. We shoot in 2D.

In video space, there’s height and width but no depth.

2. It isn’t real if it’s not in the frame.

From the camera’s point of view, it isn’t real if it’s not in the frame. From the audience’s point of view, if the story is strong enough, a mere suggestion is enough to imply something exists.

3. Scale

In the real world, a ten-story building is about 110′ tall. In the video space, scale doesn’t matter. The building is whatever size you make it.

4. Where is Where

There’s no fixed geography in the video space. Telephoto lenses compress distance and wide angle lenses stretch space. You decide where everything is relative to the camera. It’s actual position is of no importance.

Thinking about these things as you decide to create your next video might help you improve your storytelling skills.
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