On August 16-20, 2009 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand – hundreds of professional photographers will get the chance to recharge and learn new ways to improve both their photography and their business.

This is NOT a photo trade show. It’s a workshop featuring 15 speakers in just two and one half days. And I’m both honored and privileged to get to give a talk at this workshop along side greats like Bambi Cantrell, Skip Cohen, Tony Corbell, Ron Dawson, Robert Evans, Jim Garner, Jerry Ghionis, Mitche Graf, Matt Hill, Kevin Kubota, Charles and Jennifer Maring, Dane Sanders and Ken Sklute!

The Summer School photography workshop features a series of programs designed to help professional photographers realize the full potential of their business and of many new technologies, especially in mixed media (video and still imaging creation and presentation), Search Engine Optimization, social media through Blogs and Twitter while at the same time, fine tune their photographic skills in lighting, composition, exposure and even marketing and self-promotion.

The format at Summer School is designed to learn…the room will be set up classroom style so that everyone has a place to sit at a table – NOT a crowded theater style set up. And, there will be charging station in the back of the room. So, if you like to take notes on your laptop, bring it along!

Each program will be presented one at a time. And, the speakers will be available at various intervals for additional discussion at Speaker/Sponsors Corner, just outside the ballroom

There will also be networking opportunities. This workshop offers a mid-year chance to network with friends and associates and talk about the challenges in today’s market.

“Skip’s Summer School” is the creation of Skip Cohen, former president of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and Rangefinder Publishing Inc. publishers of Rangefinder and AfterCapture magazines. Skip also helped run a little company called Hasselblad back in the day.

The cost to attend Skip’s Summer School is just $279 and it also includes free full registration to WPPI 2010 (March 4-11, 2010) as well as a six month membership in the Digital Wedding Forum for each attendee. In addition, there is a special MGM room rate of $69 per night for Summer School attendees. Also included with each room reservation is a 2 for 1 entrée card good for most MGM restaurants, bars and a $35 activity credit for dining or entertainment charged to the room. For more information, or to register for Skip’s Summer School, visit