It’s been a fantastic year for the Aperture Nature Photography Workshops and I can’t believe it’s almost over.

The deadline is almost here for the fourth and final contest. End Date: July 15, at 2:00 PM PST. At that time entries into the contest will be permanently closed. We’ll select the four winners this week and begin preparation for the fourth and final workshop to take place near Mt. Rainier National Park in September.

I really appreciate the support of the staff and the winners we’ve had so far. It’s been a great group. I also want to thank Apple and our sponsors for helping to make the ANPW a reality.

If you’re a US resident and 18 years old or older you’re still eligible to win a free trip to the workshop. It’s going to be a blast. Be sure to get your entry in over at the Flickr forum.

Here’s where you enter.

Good luck to all.