Original Photo

Original Photo

Here’s my take on Country Road. It’s a nice photo that offers lots of chances to make up your own story. But like some of the previous images, I think there’s too much info here. One of the posters in our critique group spotted this too. I think by cropping out much of the info on the right, we make the image stronger. I also did something I very rarely do. I changed the aspect ratio a bit to make the photo slightly narrower. Then I converted to a high contrast B&W because those big puffy clouds just cry out for a B&W scene.

Scott's Critique

Scott's Critique

When you frame an image, ask yourself if you couldn’t exclude something to make for a tighter composition. Then you don’t have to do it in post.

Remember – there’s no right or wrong here – just opinions. The goal of these critiques is to get you thinking about how you can improve your work before you get back to the computer. If you’re not participating in the group, feel free to join here. ScottCritiques Flickr Group.


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