Copyright Scott Bourne 2005 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Scott Bourne 2005 - All Rights Reserved


“I am extraordinarily patient provided I get my own way in the end.”
Margaret Thatcher

There’s no getting around it. Patience is the most important tool in the photographer’s tool kit. Most amateur photographers don’t realize how much time it takes to get the great shot.

If you see a marvelous eagle flight shot or a bear nursing her cubs or a photo of baby wolf pups emerging from their den for the first time, chances are the photographer who made those shots had to wait for them.

You don’t very often get the opportunity to just stumble upon a perfect shot. You have to study the subject, find out when the light is right, decide where you can position yourself to get the best angle and then wait on the shot.

The problem is that too many photographers are only interested in the low-hanging fruit. Metaphorically speaking, the really great stuff is always at the top of the tree.

No matter what kind of photography you practice – patience is required. For me as a bird photographer, I have to sit in a blind for hours to get the shot. Fashion photographers may have to shoot 20 models to find one that is perfect for a certain client. All photographers have to have the patience to find the best light.

In any event, practice patience. Don’t go shooting with the idea in mind that you will photograph everything. Just wait for the right shot at something spectacular and you will have greater success.


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