Copyright Scott Bourne 1999 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Scott Bourne 1999 - All Rights Reserved

When I was shooting weddings, there was always one surefire money shot in each wedding – the veil shot.

Photographing a bride through her veil is always fun. Lots of photographers shoot close-ups of the bride through her veil, me included. But a more popular shot is to include the groom in the photo and have the couple get close under the veil.

The veil is an important element to the bride. Chances are she picked it with great care. Fortunately for photographers – veils have the same qualities as diffusers. They soften the light and often create moods ranging from romantic to charming to fun.

You might want to consider shooting veil shots off sun angle or lit slightly from the side. Direct light may cause shadows on the bride’s face from the veil.

You can also use the veil as a prop or compositional element. Pay attention to it and you’ll have a happy bride. And if you don’t shoot weddings, veils can still be fun. Bring one to a standard model shoot sometime and interject it as a prop. Ask the model to cover herself with it, hide behind it, wrap it around her head. It can spur all sorts of creative opportunities.

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