What do Dane Sanders, Rick Sammon, Andy Katz, Julieanne Kost, Dr. Russell Brown, Eddie Tapp, Jack Reznicki, me and a host of other talented professional photographers have in common?

We’re all teaching at the Maui Photo Festival September 16-20 and you should come hang out with us.

You will have a chance to learn the business side, the creative side and the digital darkroom side of photography from some of the best in the business. Rick Sammon and I will record an episode of Photofocus there with a live audience. There will be sessions covering just about everything you can think of and all in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Now STOP! Don’t go thinking you can’t afford this. Because it’s cheaper than you realize. First, the workshop fee is ridiculously affordable. The normal rate is $695. But my audience is entitled to a $200 discount. This offer is limited both by time and space and could go away at any minute so sign up now. STOP AGAIN! Now I know, you have to fly to Maui and pay for a hotel room. But guess what – the prices are lower than ever! You can get round trip coach air starting at only $350 from the west coast and decent hotel rooms on Maui can be had in the $90 price range. The host hotel — the Hyatt – is one of the best around. Their rates are higher. You’ll have a better experience if you stay at the Hyatt and their rate is $100 cheaper than it was a year ago. Whether you stay at the Hyatt or at the less expensive properties – the important thing is to show up!

Most photo workshops on the mainland with this kind of talented line up would cost you upwards of $2500 just to get in. For many on the west coast, you can do this entire trip for less than $1250 including air, food and tuition. Even east coasters can get some pretty inexpensive air fare to Hawaii these days.

There’s simply nothing and I mean nothing that will jump start your photo career like taking a workshop with a crew this talented. Heck, I am on the faculty and I even plan to take some time to learn from these great pros.

I am not going to be bugging my audience about this over and over. I may mention it one or two more times, but this is your chance. You’ve been looking to take your photography to the next level. This workshop will help you improve your photography more so than any piece of gear you might buy.

Click on the link – and use the code FFCJR3M to get $200 off your tuition. Please feel free to spread the word. When the code is used up it’s used up. Until then, the more the merrier.

I hope we get to hang out in September. It’s great time to be in Hawaii.

Until then – Mahalo everyone!

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