(NOTE: If you’re not a member of our critique group, please consider joining here.) Ingo (our moderator) picked this week’s critique subject. I am glad he did because it’s an interesting photo. It does have a very nice feel to it but, I have to say for me, it doesn’t quite work because I find the perspective and angle, as well as the subject matter less than compelling. Of course, that’s just an opinion.

I think that with a photo like this there may be TWO photos to be taken and each is stronger on their own.


like all the attempts folks made to work with this shot but I want to suggest something different.

I split it into two shots. I made a very minor adjustment to the exposure and left it at that.

Cropping and framing are always very subjective. I like this approach better.


I think the lesson here in composition and cropping. Look at a photograph and ask yourself what story you’re trying to tell. I see too many stories in this shot so I made it into two.

Again – there is no right or wrong here. Just playing.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll add a new image for critique Monday.

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