Copyright Scott Bourne 2000 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Scott Bourne 2000 - All Rights Reserved

With the advent of HD video on traditional DLSRs (such as the D90 and 5DMKII), I thought it might be a good idea to throw out some tips for better video.

1. Don’t forget the audio. While some cameras do a better job than others of letting you control the audio, do everything you can to make sure you get good sound. Nothing is more distracting than a great video picture accompanied by terrible sound. Get mics close to the subject. Watch out for ambient noise. Watch your gain if possible and also listen back to the audio before you leave the field. It’s easier to redo than re-create.

2. Use a tripod. While you might be impressed by the shaky MTV-style video popular with today’s youth, it’s very hard to pull off on any camera using a CMOS shutter. This is due to something called rolling shutter. Keep your camera on a solid tripod to avoid this as well as distracting your viewers who see each jerky camera movement as a serious turn-off.

3. Keep the camera level. This isn’t something you can “fix in photoshop” using the straightening tool. You need to be level through out your shots. If you plan to pan, line up the shot in advance and make sure it’s level from start to finish. Also, remember there are no verticals in video. :)


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