Copyright Scott Bourne 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Scott Bourne 2009 - All Rights Reserved

I’ve been using flash modifiers literally since I was a teenager. I’ve made my own and bought just about every conceivable retail modifier made – but as of this year, I’ve dumped almost everything but my HonL stuff. Here’s why…

The HonL system starts with a brilliant device known as the HonLPhoto Speed Strap. This strap is the base of the HonL system and all their other accessories attach to it. Instead of having to attach rubber bands, tape or adhere sticky velcro tape to your flash, you simply use a Speed Strap. This means you can use the strap on any flash you own. You don’t have to buy additional velcro tape and adhere it to each flash.

The system looks like it was designed by a photographer and it was. David Honl certainly knows that controlling light is important.


One other thought – you’ve read the word system twice already. That’s not by accident. This isn’t just a ramshackle group of accessories you can use on your flash. This is indeed a system. Everything is designed to work within a system format and it makes the gear more valuable.

There are snoots, gobos and grids that can work together to everything from diffuse, direct and pump out the light from any traditional camera-mounted flash. There are even gel kits available.

The products are very well made and look like they will stand up to lots of abuse.

I tested the HonL system recently at Yellowstone National Park while leading the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop. I found the system extremely flexible, yet very portable. I opened up the 8″ speed snoot and used it as a giant bounce card on the back of the flash. It worked well on the portrait above, especially when combined with some fill.

Upon working with the system for a while I was really shocked to see you could combine parts (two gobo bounce cards) to create barn door effects and the grid spot look coming from my SB-900 after I added the HonL Speed Grids was amazing. I’ve never seen any other light modifier that can do this.

For less than $175 you can buy just about everything HonL makes and consider yourself covered for 95% of the situations you might encounter using portable flash.

At the end of the day I cannot say enough good things about David Honl’s products. They are portable, light weight, easy to pack, effective, easy to use and affordable. Highly recommended.

For more information, visit ExpoImaging.


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