Scott's Version

Scott's Version

This is another good image that found its way into our critique pool. It could use a bit of touching up in my opinion. I agree with siletto_048’s assessment that the angle could be improved so in my version I did just that. I do think siletto_048’s crop was a bit tight and I wanted some room for the skateboarder to skate into so I cropped in a way that changed the angle and left some forward momentum space. I found the light poll to be a distraction so I cloned that out using Photoshop’s Patch Tool. I also used the Patch Tool to do some spotting on random areas of the image

Next I used Nik Color Efex Pro’s Tonal Contrast filter. This made the image stand out but increased noise, so I created a layer with a mask to protect the skate boarder and applied Topaz Labs Simplify BuzSim filter which took care of the noise in the background.

Lastly I used another Topaz Filter called Clarity to finish the image off.

I think we saw some great comments on this image and I appreciate the spirit with which everyone is engaging in these critiques.

Again – there’s no right or wrong way here. Just opinions.