Copyright Scott Bourne 2008 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Scott Bourne 2008 - All Rights Reserved

One of the people who sent in questions for the Photofocus podcast asked:

When Should I Erase My Memory Card?

I decided not to wait for the next podcast to answer this question. It’s one I get frequently from beginners and I think it’s important.

My workflow is simple. I copy my memory card to my computer using a LEXAR FW800 UDMA reader. It’s quick and efficient. Once copied to my computer, I import the file again into Aperture and make sure it’s safely in the Library. I immediately backup my Library to an Aperture Vault on my Drobo. THEN and only then do I erase the memory card.

And for the record, I don’t “erase” the memory card, I format it. This is a much cleaner, safer and reliable approach than erasing the card.

Lastly, I only format the card in the camera, not on the computer. Erasing the card while it’s attached to your computer may leave files on the card that can cause problems.


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