Copyright Scott Bourne 2005 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Scott Bourne 2005 - All Rights Reserved

I’ve started looking at the entries for the fourth and final Aperture Nature Photography Workshop contest. I am surprised to see so many images photographed from 5’6″. Okay, really I am not that surprised.

It’s easy to get lazy or to develop bad habits in photography. Always shooting from eye level standing up (or from tripod height) is one of those habits.

Most of us (even old farts like me) can still bend our knees. Heck, I’ve got one artificial knee and I can still bend that! So try this…bend your knees. Change the camera angle. You’ll be amazed at what this one simple trick can do to change your photography.

Changing the camera height changes perspective. Changing perspective shakes things up and gets you thinking and seeing differently.

So what do you say? Can you try bending those knees just once? You might just be thrilled with the results.

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