The other day I was thinking about how much the Internet has changed my life. I rely on several online resources to keep my life in order and to keep my business running.

Here are a few of those resources that you might want to know about in case you don’t already…

1. Alltop – this is the best place to find a rather complete list of photo-related blogs. I read it daily.

2. Twitter – I use this to keep in touch with friends, staff and audience. I also monitor what my competition is doing here as well as what my sponsors are doing. I like to monitor what my sponsors’ competitors are doing too. I’ve used Twitter for recruiting, sales, marketing, research, you name it.

3. – my new favorite way to shorten URLS and deliver them along with content to Twitter.

4. Google Checkout – I use this to handle all my online financial transactions.

5. SmugMug – great place to host online video. Friendly staff, tremendous quality and fair terms of service.

6. iTunes – I love the way iTunes aggregates and delivers podcasts. I also buy and manage all my music through iTunes.

7. Hulu – a great place to catch the TV shows that I somehow miss on cable.

8. GMAIL – is a great mail client and allows me to manage multiple email accounts with ease.

9. Flickr – Great for checking the pulse of online-savvy photographers and for sharing pictures of fun events. Won’t use it for serious photography though because of constant infringement issues.

10. Amazon – it has become my favorite “store.” Not perfect but given the very poor performance I see at most retail outlets these days, Amazon shines and their prime shipping makes it easy to click and say yes. I get most of my photo gear here now.

11. Tumblr – great place to collect online presence and re-distribute to the masses.

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