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Post and Photo by Ingo Meckmann

As Scott mentioned in one of his previous blog-posts, he would like YOU, the users, to take part in the criticism of pictures uploaded by other users.

HOW-TO – get critique for your pictures:

You need a Flickr account and you can get one for free at – it will take less than 5 minutes to set it up.

Once you are setup, you’re only 3 easy steps away:

1. Upload your image to Flickr if it is not already there
2. Join the “Scott Critiques” group ->
3. Click the “Send To Group” link for the picture you want to add and choose the “Scott Critiques” group from the drop-down list

Keep in mind that there is an upload limit to the group of 2 photos per month and you won’t see your picture in the group pool unless it has been approved by the group admins – *A)

*1) We propose you permit access to the large version of your files (HowTo will follow). This will allow Scott and the community to provide better and more detailed feedback.

HOWTO – critique weekly photograph picked by Scott:
Each week or so, Scott will pick one picture from the group pool and post it on this blog. He will then create a new thread in the Flickr group discussion forum ( to which you can add your critique and post altered versions before Scott closes the thread to add his final comments and upload his version.

If you want to provide feedback to the weekly pick, you just follow following steps:

1. Download the picture from Flickr – detailed description will follow
2. Run it through your post-processing tools/procedures on your computer
3. Join the “Scott Critiques” group ->
4. Add your comment to the active group discussion at and embed your altered version by clicking the “All Sizes” link of your picture page and copy and paste the listed HTML code to your reply.

Do not add your processed version to the group pool. The pool is only used to request critique for a picture.

*2) After Scott closes the weekly thread, he will not only add his comments and altered version of the image but will also name the PPP (Post Processed Picture) of the week.

If you don’t want visitors of your photo-stream to find such a third-party picture in your account, simply mark it as ‘Private’. It will not be listed on your Flickr page but group members visiting the critique thread will still be able to see the embedded version in your comment.

We believe that these new functions will add to the interactivity of our site and get YOU – whether you request critique for your image or provide critique to an image – a better experience and the chance to get involved even more.

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