Rickmode’s picture is today’s selection.

I really like this image. I selected it because it was open to so many different interpretations. I think it’s a great photo. Why? Because no matter what you do with it, the image still looks good. You could literally make this image into dozens of additional images, using different framing or cropping. It could be color or black and white. It could be more or less detail oriented. The key is there’s no WRONG way to make this image, hence – it is a winner.

We got some very creative, helpful and well done critiques in the forum on this shot. I was very impressed by the quality of the ideas there. I particular enjoyed RodzillaPhoto’s take – although I wouldn’t have added quite so much canvas.

Scott’s Take

At the end of the day, this image works dead center as well as it does off to one side. Sometimes it’s okay to break the rules. The S-curve of the subject/rope makes the image work right through the center for me. I just wanted a bit more punch in the color and decided that since the subject was in the air – a halo might be nice to create an angelic effect. There’s no right or wrong here, only opinions. Thanks to everyone who chimed in. We’ll pick another image for critique tomorrow.

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