In case you didn’t realize it, I’ve been doing critiques over at for four months. It was an experiment to see if there was a need for a separate blog/website/forum for critiques.

After running that experiment on the blog, we moved it to Flickr and concluded it’s the best possible way for people to participate.

So to that end, the above photo is up on our new ScottCritiques forum at Flickr. Please feel free to chime in, give your suggestions and post your own versions of the image. I’ll chime in at the end and discuss how I’d improve the photo. If you’d like to submit images for critique, please do so at the forum.

We’ll be pointing to Photofocus sometime later this month and we’ll do at least one and probably two critiques each week on Photofocus. Rick will also join in and do a critique with me on the podcast once in a while.

If you decide to participate in the critique please remember we’re looking to help people so keep that in mind as you join in.

If you want to participate, join the forum.


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