Copyright Scott Bourne 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Scott Bourne 2009 - All Rights Reserved

We had a great day. We were up at 6:00 am eating breakfast and then everyone spread out to do some photography. I went with winner Bryan Holliday to the Devil’s Slide area near Highway 89. We say lots of Kestrels, Pronghorn and had a real treat when NPS employees moved a small herd of bison past us back into the park.

The weather has been typical for this area. Unpredictable. We’ve seen just about everything from gray skies to beautiful light to snow and everything in between. All the winners went shooting this morning and came back with good stuff. I concentrated on teaching but found time to make a few good images. I’ve updated the Flickr set with some new pictures.

We had lunch at Subway – the only place open for lunch for miles – and then went into a three hour classroom session where Steve Simon and I (mostly Steve) shared some of the powerful features on Aperture 2 with the group.

After our marathon classroom session, we had a nice steak dinner and went back out to see what the afternoon light would give us. Unfortunately, not much to shoot, although Bryan got the Kestrel shot he wanted and we all were very entertained when some of the new bison calves made their debut down at the high school football field.

We’re going to repeat the process again tomorrow and hopefully will find time to do some critiques.

We’re all getting along very well and everyone seems to be having a great time. Of course getting a free trip to Yellowstone and winning a bunch of cool photo prizes has put most of the participants in a good mood.

I’ll update again soon. And we have posts going live every day or so at the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop site –