April 23, 2009

Don’t Be a Dummy


Post and photo by Rick Sammon

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Hey, are you interested in studio lighting? Here’s a quick tip from my new book, Digital Wedding Photography.

One easy and affordable method for honing your studio lighting skills is to practice them with a mannequin. You can find mannequins on line by doing a quick Google search.

When working with a dummy, you can place lights in different positions for different effects – without your “model” complaining and for charging you overtime.

Here you see, clockwise from the top left, the effects of using:
– one main light;
– main light, background light set to 1/2 power and a hair light;
– main light, a background light set to full power and a hair light;
– and main light and a light behind the subject pointed at the subject.

I used Canon Speedlites and Westcott diffusers for this series of images. I fired the Speedlites with my Canon ST-E2 wireless transmitter.

When a subject shows up in your studio, you can’t waste time. Otherwise, you may look like a dummy.

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