April 21, 2009

Twitter Photo Q&A

Photo Copyright 2004 Scott Bourne - All Rights Reserved

Photo Copyright 2004 Scott Bourne - All Rights Reserved

While we’re going to start answering these questions on our new Photofocus podcast, I will from time-to-time also still answer some here on Photofocus.com.

Here a few that came in over Twitter:

@Brent Halstead:
I understand the importance of setting a custom white balance using a grey card or by other means, but does that balance have to be reset (redefined) when changing lenses?

Brent unless the light or the subject changes, there’s no need to reset the custom white balance. If you are stuck in the same place for an hour and the light never changes and the subject never changes, you can use 50 different lenses and the white balance shouldn’t change – unless you’re using really crappy lenses :)

What’s the best way to store photo gear? do you have any case/box/storage suggestions?

If you’re talking short term storage, like sticking your gear in the studio equipment room for a week until the next shoot, then my answer is simple. Traditional photo gear bags work well. All the major manufacturers make good camera bags. Pick one (or more) that suit you, and leave your gear in those bags, ready to shoot.

For security reasons, I’d then store those bags in locking, fire-safe file cabinets.

If you are traveling, I like Pelican cases because they are dust and water proof as well as generally indestructible.

Can college help your photography?

Well the RIGHT college sure can. It’s certainly not a requirement to be a working pro. If the college you go to offers photography courses that’s a real plus. Art history and general art classes are always helpful. Business classes might be the most important classes you can take if you’re hoping to turn pro. Here are two well-known photography programs.

Brooks Institute
Santa Barbara, CA

Rochester Institute of Technology

What’s your favorite photo sharing website/medium?

I guess it depends on what you mean by “photo sharing.” If you mean, a site where people can go to download my pictures? I don’t have one of those since I only want people to download my pictures if they’ve paid me for them. If you mean a site for showing off my portfolio? I don’t currently have a favorite. None of them are perfect. Blogs are probably as good as anything for showing off your work. I am doing some testing of the various web photo platforms right now and will eventually write a piece for Photofocus.com when I am finished.

If you have questions for the podcast or the site, please send them to:

[email protected] or post them on Twitter with the hashtag #photoQA. You can follow Scott on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/scottbourne.

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