April 20, 2009

Control the Light


Photo and post provided by Rick Sammon

Light. It’s the main element in every photograph that you have ever taken – and will take. I talk about that extensively in my book, Exploring the Light: Making the Very Best In-Camera Exposures.

When it comes to light, we must know how to:

1. See the light – the contrast range in the scene, the color of light, the direction of light, and the quality of light.
2. Control the light – with a flash, reflector or diffuser, or by changing the subject’s position (as in moving a subject into the shade).
3. Play/work with the light – in the digital darkroom, where you can adjust levels, curves, color, and so on.

New to seeing the light? Know this: Our eyes have a dynamic range of about 11 f-stops, which is why, for example when we are outdoors viewing a landscape, white clouds don’t look overexposed and washed out, even when part of the scene is in deep shade – shade into which we can often see.

Digital cameras have a dynamic range of five or six f-stops. Sure, we can pull out more date from an image in the digital darkroom, but there is a trade off: increased noise in the image. That’s why your exposures really should be right on.

All the aforementioned light-controlling accessories – flash, reflector, diffuser – have something in common: they compress the brightness range of the scene, making it easier to get a good exposure of a subject in a high-contrast situation. I never leave home without them!

Here’s an example of how using a diffuser dramatically compressed the brightness range in a scene for a much more flattering picture. That’s me in the top image. I am using a diffuser that’s part of a reflector/diffuser kit by FJ Westcott that I developed called, Westcott Rick Sammon Tote Kit. The photographs were taken in Mongolia during one of my workshops.

Scott and I have decided to hold a little contest. We’re going to give away one of my FJ Westcott, Rick Sammon Tote Kits. Just follow both of us: http://www.twitter.com/ricksammon and http://www.twitter.com/scottbourne. That’s it – if you’re 18 years or older and live somewhere that contests aren’t illegal, you’re eligible to win.

We’ll pick a winner later this week by selecting one of our random followers on Twitter. Spread the word if you think your friends would like to get in on the contest. Thanks.

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