UPDATE: Sorry staff says we’re sold out. We’ll see if everyone who ordered followed through with payment. If we end up with a few left we’ll update via Twitter on new availability. Thanks for the overwhelming response.

This is the first (and probably last) time I’ve ever offered all three of my “88 Secrets” books in one bundle.

“88 Secrets to Photoshop for Photographers” published at $16.95 is all about how to use the bits and pieces of Photoshop you’ll need as a photographer. I wrote the book a few years back, and it certainly doesn’t cover everything in Photoshop, nor is it supposed to.

Most of the books you read about Photoshop are written from a designer or artist or illustrator’s perspective. This is written strictly from a photographer’s perspective. And I don’t try to make you a Photoshop expert in this book. I teach you the simplest, easiest, non-threatening ways to make your pictures look better. If you want to become an expert at Photoshop, there are better choices. If you just want to invest enough time in the program to get better pictures out of it, I submit that this book is worth the read.

“88 Secrets to Wildlife Photography” published at $18.95 shows you the basics of capturing animal photos with the gear you own now, in the place you live now. The book is a great primer on basics like exposure, light, gear and other general photographic principles, but written with wildlife photography in mind. It’s a user-friendly, quick read, designed to get you up and running with wildlife photography quickly.

“88 Secrets to Selling and Publishing Your Photography” is my best-selling book. It’s sold out of two editions. In this book I share with you the tips and tricks I’ve used to get paid and published. I don’t hold anything back. Whether you’re shooting weddings or nature, you’ll find something in this book to help you close your first sale or your first publication.

The sales book is out of print and I found a box of about 20 sitting in our warehouse while spring cleaning. These are probably the last 20 new copies of the book in existence. I’ll bundle all three titles for $29.95 instead of their combined cover price of $48.50 and I’ll throw in free U.S. Mail shipping, anywhere in the USA. There only 20 sets available and I won’t break the sets apart. First come, first served.

I’ll ship within three business days of receipt of your payment via Google Checkout. Each book is signed by me and shipped from my office, directly to you.

All orders are billed via Google Checkout. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line BOOKS, and your full name. We’ll return the invoice for processing ASAP. Simply complete the required fields and your order will be processed.

Sorry, USA residents only.