It’s easy. Just make sure you have a free Twitter account – (sign up at

Then, follow me on Twitter. Click the word FOLLOW under my name at

Next, if you’ve never done it before and IF you think it would benefit the people who follow you to know about my giveaway, type this message into the Tweet box…

@scottbourne’s giving away a free Lensbaby Composer to 1 of his Twitter followers. Follow @scottbourne to be eligible. Open worldwide. 18+

That’s it – you’re eligible to win once you do that. Please only send the message one time. It won’t help you win if you do it more than once and it WILL piss people off if you do it more than once. So don’t.

You must be 18 years old or older to win. You must live in a location where contests are not illegal.

I’ll give the Lensbaby Composer away on April 15 tax day in the US. That way at least SOMEONE will get good news that day :)