A future senior :)

I got an email from an old student – well she is not old – but she studied with me a while ago. She now runs a successful portrait business and is getting ready to create a display of her work with high school seniors in her new studio.

She wanted me to help her pick the best three pictures for the wall. I think that would have been too easy. I think the answer should be something like this…

Given that all of her work is fantastic, which of the finalists for consideration represents the kind of work you WANT to be doing? That’s what I would show. You will sell what you show. If you put edgy, new look stuff on the wall – people who want that will book you. If you put more conventional, sweet, portraits on the wall, people who want that will book you. So which would you prefer? These are just two examples. It could apply to a myriad of styles and genres. The point is, you always, always, always sell what you show – so only show what you want to sell.


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