You spent big money on your new DSLR. Now consider spending $39.99 to protect it.

A few months back, Scott Elowitz (a serious photographer himself) of LensCoat was kind enough to tap me to beta test a new product. It was the BodyGuard Pro CB. It’s a neoprene cover that fits over your camera while it’s attached to a lens. There is a clear back that lets you see the LCD, even while the cover is on.

The product offers strategically placed slits on the sides for additional access to buttons and switches. The shutter button can easily be depressed through the neoprene or by sliding you finger under the cover.

When I first saw this cover, I thought – why would you ever take it off? Once they came out of Beta I decided that I would try to keep the cover on the camera most of the time. There are several benefits. When you decide to sell your cameras at upgrade time, the buyers prefer cameras in pristine condition. This cover will help protect against the inevitable scratches, dents, and dings you get during daily use of your gear.

There are other benefits. Dust and dirt are your camera’s main enemies. Not only can dust and dirt cause you to spend time cleaning your sensor, they can gum up the works in your camera in general. Keeping the BodyGuard Pro CB on your camera reduces the amount of dust and dirt that get to your camera.

In certain situations you want to keep shutter noise to a minimum and the BodyGuard Pro CB helps reduce shutter noise. Also while not water tight the neoprene material keeps most wet weather off the camera body.

While I try to keep the BodyGuardCB on my camera bodies most of the time, they are very easy to take on and off. There’s even access points for flash and camera straps.

The product is available in several colors and fits most Nikon and Canon bodies. Prices range from $39.99 to $44.99.

One potential caveat is that I have only tested this product on the Nikon D3. The fit should be similar on most cameras but this mini-review is based on my experience with the D3. Also, this cover is designed to work with cameras that use battery grips or that are full-size cameras with larger bodies like the D3. LensCoat tells me that they are currently working on a smaller version for bodies w/o the grips like the d300, 50d etc.

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