Copyright 1998 Scott Bourne - All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1998 Scott Bourne - All Rights Reserved

Did you know that color symbolism plays a big role in everything from religion to culture? Have you stopped to think about the colors in your photos and how they might (or might not) mesh with the subjects you’re photographing?

Let’s look at some primary colors and talk about the mood they help to convey.

Red is a stimulating, engaging color. It denotes action, passion, romance, energy, heat and power.

Blue has the opposite effect of red in many cases. It’s calming, quiet, peaceful and cool.

Yellow is the brightest color of all. It’s very uplifting and cheerful. In some cultures it conveys wisdom. It’s radiant.

Green symbolizes renewal and has some of the qualities of yellow in that it is uplifting. It signifies a new beginning.

How can you use this information? Be mindful of the mood that you’re trying to set. If you want to shoot a lake on an overcast day, during the cold winter, be careful about interjecting something red or yellow into the scene since those are in conflict with the calm mood. Get the idea? Feel free to share other examples in the comments section.


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