March 22, 2009

More Composition Tips

Copyright 2005 Scott Bourne - All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2005 Scott Bourne - All Rights Reserved

a. Shoot a frame within a frame using minimal depth-of-field, with leaves, tree limbs or other framing devices in the foreground.

b. Give your subjects plenty of room in the frame to breathe. Avoid having the subject too close to the border, which makes it feel crowded.

c. Watch out for merging lines. If these merging or intersecting lines get in the way of the subject of your photo, they will be very distracting.

d. If you’re photographing moving subjects, try to photograph them moving toward you. When you do this, you can usually get away with a slightly slower shutter speed than normal, since action coming toward you is easier to freeze than action going side-to-side in front of you.

e. Look for “s” curves and fold them into your composition.


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