Photo by T. Weglarz

Photo by T. Weglarz


(I’ll do this in less than 90 seconds in Aperture with the help of two plug-ins.)

This photo has a nice feel to it, but it’s very bland. It really needs some pop. I’ll process it in Aperture and tell you how I think I can subtly improve it.

a. I”ll use the straighten tool to correct the improperly leveled horizon. I’ll use the house as my guide. Once it’s straight, everything else in the photo will be straight.

b. I’ll use the Aperture levels command to bring some punch back into the photo. You can see my levels settings looking at the screen grab I did while adjusting the image.

Levels Adjustment

Levels Adjustment

c. Next I added 0.19 points of definition in the Enhance brick, followed by 0.22 of Vibrancy.

d. I boosted saturation in the blue channel by 30 points.

e. I then output the image to Nik Color Efex Pro and used the Polarizer filter. I used the Nik U-point technology to minimize the effect on the barn and keep most of it in the sky.

f. Then I used Tiffen DFX Three Strip filter to make the whole image pop.

g. Lastly I added some edge sharpening in Aperture (Intensity 0.81, Edges, 0.40, Falloff, 0.69)

Scott's Version

Scott's Version

The image is much better. It’s not perfect, but it has more pop and in my opinion, is more likely to attract attention with these subtle, quick changes.

I don’t think my opinion is the be-all / end-all here, I welcome others to comment. I intentionally don’t mention EVERY possible thing I could during these image reviews so have at it if you think I missed something.

Ultimately, please remember there is no right or wrong here. Only opinions.

Also please read our critique guidelines before chiming in.


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