I have a Panasonic LX3. I also apparently have Mad Cow. Because somewhere in Florida, I lost (or perhaps just misplaced) my battery charger for the LX3. I was not looking forward to ordering a new one from Panasonic – assuming it would be expensive. So I did some research and sure enough, there is a replacement charger that’s actually better and cheaper.

A company called TechFuel makes their model SM-128 Travel Battery Charger for thee Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 and it’s only $17.95 plus shipping from BatteryHeads.com.

You can also save yourself $4.00 and make me a whopping $0.25 in the process by purchasing the Panasonic LX3 Battery Charger on Amazon.

Why is this model better? It comes with a car adapter so you can use the charger indoors at an AC wall plate like you would the OEM charger from Panasonic, BUT you can also use it in your car.

I’m going to buy another one just so I have it handy for when I misplace THIS one. If you’re an LX3 shooter you might want to check it out.