This isn’t a BEST OF PMA post. It’s a MOST INTERESTING OF PMA post.

Let’s stick with compacts here in part two of my most interesting list. As I said last time, I tend to ignore the point and shoot cameras at these shows because, well, there’s just too darn many of them. But the Canon Powershot D10 stands out. Why? It’s waterproof. Really!

If you’re hard on your gear, or need to make photos in wet environments (I live near Seattle so guess what – it’s wet here most of the time) this camera may be of interest to you.

Canon says the D10 is waterproof (you can take it under water as deep as 10 meters) and dustproof and can even stand a drop onto a hard surface from as high as three and a half feet.

Another interesting thing about the D10 is that it offers a 12.1 megapixel sensor. Canon is going backwards here. They crammed more pixels onto the G10. They’re back to a sensible 12.1MP on the D10.

The camera offers a 35-105 optical zoom and Canon’s latest Digic 4 processor.

Again, this camera isn’t intended to compete with an LX3 or a G10. No HD video or RAW mode. But the camera IS a very interesting contender for the adventure set. Those who spend a great deal of time outdoors and want a decent camera that they don’t have to coddle will want to take a look at the D10. Moreover, this technology will some day make its way to DSLRs and then the underwater housing guys will be running for the hills.

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  1. For years Pentax has been the champion in underwater and rugged handhelds going back to 2004 I believe with the original WP Optio if I am not mistaken and most recently with the Optio W60.

    It would be interesting to see if it has the features like “time lapse and high definition video” that the Optio W60 has. I wonder if it has water sheeting glass covering the lens.

    What does not fair well for the W60 is the grain when you shoot over 200ISO in the AutoISO selection. Thankfully though, they allow it to be set manually from 50-1600 or in blocks of 50-100, -200, -400, -800, or -1600.

    By the looks of it in the pictures Scott posted, the Canon D-10 appears to be very rounded and large in size and shape, thus making it difficult to stand on any side without assistance like the Pentax Optio W60 can or conveniently go in your pocket for a night of beverages at the local pub.

    (Side note, I prefer dropping mine in a pint of beer with the time activated to 1) shock people and 2) get their expressions through the picture it takes of through the beer at them.)

    I applaud Canon for getting into this world and think that their technology will perfect it, however it would be nice to see some sort of comparison done between the two.


  2. The 10m waterproof compact idea has been around for about 2-3 years now, with the olympus tough series (they make a 3m and a 10m). Still, its cool for Canon to get into this space too, especially as I tend to like their cameras more.

  3. The flash on this camera looks much more capable than the flashes on competitive underwater cameras. I understand that light works different underwater, so hopefully this will be of use to the “adventure set”.

    Am I strange to still consider buying an underwater disposable film camera the best option? If it breaks, you’re out $10. And for $10, you get almost 30 photos underwater from your trip/vacation/once-a-year underwater adventure. I spend more on lunch.

  4. This camera is quite similar to the Pentax W60 that I have, which is also waterproof. If you are thinking of buying this camera I would definitely compare the 2, and it looks like the price is very similar.
    The W60 has longer zoom, a wider angle lens, and can focus up to 1cm in macro mode. Some people might think that the 12.1 megapixels is better than the 10 mpx that the W60 has, but as you point out, they are just cramming more into the sensor.
    The fact that you can drop it 3′ is handy, but it might cause you to be less careful with it, which is what happened to my old shock-proof Olympus when I dropped it one too many times and it died completely. I think if I had not been told it was shock proof I would still have it.
    The other model that is comparable is the Olympus 1020SW, but I think that the W60 is better when comparing the specs.
    It will be interesting to see what consumers think of this new model, I like where the point-and shoots are going, I use an XTi usually, but like to have something durable and less expensive in my pocket, and it gets to go camping and places that my SLR doesn’t.

  5. Oops, I guess everyone else was writing their comments the same time as me. Sorry if some of my comments sounded redundant.
    P.S. Great idea Tim, I’d like to see those photos in the beer :)

  6. Hmm, I have had the Pentax UW cam. Honestly I was not impressed. It would work in a pool (shallow end). This camera looks like it would be useful at the beach, shallow snorkeling, kayaking or canoeing, etc. You wouldn’t really want to take it too far under water.

    Canon makes some remarkably inexpensive and functional housings for their point and shoot cameras. They are rated to 40m (132 ft) and work quite well there. Canon is not planing to make a housing for this camera.

    You really want an off body flash for anything over 10m. Also, even at 2 -3m, your reds fall off dramatically. A “magic” filter can help with that. I am not sure how you would mount filter to this camera.

    I have to wonder since it is really only suitable for surface and shallow work, if an EWA Marine soft housing be a better option with any camera you already own?

  7. Ooh, I am interested in this. I own a Pentax W20, which gets a lot of use due to the waterproofing, but the shutter lag is really annoying. When the Olympus ones came out I read bad reviews of them, so I have been dubious. More competition in this segment can only improve on the quality of the cameras, and I am thinking of getting a new one.

    The lack of an optical viewfinder is not good, but I will have to look at the other specs and play with it before I pass judgment.

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