I know I am bucking the trend – I know camera manufacturers aren’t going to listen to me – but I am going to say it anyway – PLEASE stop making DSLRs that rely on SD cards.

They are a hassle – plain and simple.

On my recent Florida trip I suffered my first ever flash media failure. It was a San Disk Ultra II SD card. Fortunately I didn’t lose any images. But the card failed to format after my last download of images from it to Aperture.

I tried formatting the card in different cameras with no luck. The card is toast. It’s no big deal. It was a 2GB SD card. They’re a dime a dozen. But the problem is that these cards are so fragile and flimsy, they’re much more prone to failure. Perhaps I squeezed the card too hard when I pulled it from the reader. Perhaps it bent slightly when I put it into the camera. There are lots of potential explanations. No matter what the cause – it failed.

I have been using CF cards since the late 90s. I’ve literally owned more than 100 such cards. None of them has ever failed — ever. I even put one in the washer and dryer once (accidentally mind you) and it still worked.

Another problem I have with SD cards is their small size. They’re easier to lose (I lost one on this recent trip too. I simply can’t find it and they’re so small, who knows where it could be?) They’re also hard to hold on to, which makes them easy to drop in the field. When you work in some of the environments I work in, i.e., outdoors, in the sand, at the beach, etc., dropping a memory card isn’t a fun experience. Oh yeah, I did that too when I was in Florida.

So I managed to drop a card, misplace a card and have another card go bad. All of them were SD cards. NONE of them were Type II CF cards. I admit I’ve dropped a few CF cards, but never lost one. And given the number of cards and times I handle them, I’ve dropped about 20,000 percent more SD cards than Type II CF cards

I also admit that I don’t often use the SD cards. I was testing the D90 during the workshop and the darn thing ONLY works with SD cards, so I had no choice. While I

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