Today I pre-ordered my Kindle2.

Why? I think it will become an important device for photographers. Not only can you easily download and read a plethora of photo-related books on the Kindle2, but the new graphics capability makes looking at photos a decent experience. Are the photos great on a Kindle2? Heck no. But this is something that has the potential to be a big boon to photographers. As Amazon continues to improve the Kindle, the opportunity for photographers to use this device to show, share and sell their images is significant.

There are lots of improvements to an already intriguing device. It’s lighter, faster, has more memory and even has a new Text-to-Speech feature.

I know there are lots of arguments against getting a Kindle. I resisted myself for a long time. But then I actually played with one for a while and quickly changed my mind. Yes it’s over-priced – but what isn’t these days? Yes, you can find other ways to read books electronically – but you can’t discount the power of the Amazon online store. It is to the Kindle2 what iTunes is to the iPod. And if Amazon opens this up to photographers, self-publishers and more, there’s a new opportunity in a crowded marketplace.

I bought my Kindle2 so I could become familiar with its power, its shortcomings and its possibilities. I want to be on the bleeding edge with my photo marketing, and I think that it’s just possible the Kindle2 will give me a slight advantage over those who ignore it.

You can read more about the new Kindle2 here.